Public Speaking

I am a speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. LEAP is non-profit organization made up of current and former law enforcement professionals who have witnessed the war on drugs first hand and who now believe that legalizing and regulating all drugs is best way to protect public safety. As a former Assistant State’s Attorney for Baltimore City, I qualify as former law enforcement.

I have spoken to the following groups:

Anne Arundel County Campaign for Liberty
Baltimore County Campaign for Liberty
Students for Sensible Drug Policy at Northern Virgina Community College
Lafayette College Libertarians
Lancaster, PA, Hemp Freedom Rally
York, PA, Hemp Freedom Rally (2013 and 2015)
Reading, PA, Hemp Freedom Rally
Young Democrats National Convention in Pittsburgh in 2014 as part of a panel discussion on the judicial system.

I have also done radio interviews with Time for Hemp and Black Talk Radio.

I was interviewed by The Annapolis Podcast about drug laws and some local issues.

I am generally happy to speak to almost any group. I am available to speak about drug policy, any of my books or their topics.

Contact me directly at bill at, through Facebook, through Telegram, or by calling or texting me at 410-905-2185.